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Dr. Kawase Itsuko

Dr. Kawase Itsuko from Japan has spent 26 years studying before discovering the secret of health between trees and human beings, to become the inventor of the one and only detoxifying foot care sheet in the world.

She had extracted tree gum from specific frees and added more than 30 different natural ingredients in her production of the foot care sheet which has proved to be miraculously beneficial to human health.

The soles of the human feet are full of acupoints. The foot care sheet is able to radiate energy through these acupoints into the blood circulatory system for stimulating and regulating internal organs and maintaining health. It also removes toxins accumulated within the body.
The exploitation of Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet as a health care product is entirety based on scientific research and laboratory testing.

Factory in Japan

It all started with the "rediscovery of the forests. Forests are one of the main sources of the oxygen we breathe. People have sought to address their wellness needs with plant (including tree) source materials for millennia.
Dr. Kawase had observed trees and the conditions under which they grew, since childhood. She noticed that trees, especially those In the deep forest, grew practically all by themselves. More importantly, she discovered that the trees could prosper despite having no personal care from humans and despite having to undergo changes of seasons and harsh conditions.
The founder of Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet, Dr Kawase ltsuko, spent her live searching for the secret behind longevity as sought by the sages of the ancient orient, a search that led them to consider the mystical powers & energy of trees. Now she has transformed the secret into a product for all humankind.

Dr. Kawase ltsuko, the founder of this approach, hypothesized that if trees could grow for ages without any aid, humans too should be able to live longer if they could discover and harness the secrets behind the growth of trees.

Sanphan Jueki Sheet (Kawase Takara)

The growth process of trees is a boundless source of knowledge & unexplained powers. Even under the worst weather conditions, trees can still grow and flourish for thousands of years on their own. If we could unlock the secret and apply it to humans, we may then-find the key to longer life expectancy

after over 26 years of research and development, it was discovered that wood vinegar essence found in oak, beech and sakura trees has the ability to absorb toxins. Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet is made from a unique concoction of wood vinegar essence, and several other ingredients.

According to Chinese medical knowledge, our human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 72 found on, the soles. Known as the "second heart" as they are the reflective zones of our major internal organs, they are also potential homes for toxins. When the blood circulates to the soles, Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet sachet can absorb toxins released from the acupuncture points. Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet comes in a white sachet that is applied to the soles. After only one night of application, there may be significant changes to the smell and color of the sachet, from brown to grayish black. With over 30 days of continuous using, there may be a visible reduction in the stain and odor of the sachet.





Name of material


Sanphan Fushigi Powder



Green Tea



Negative Ions Tourmaline



Warming Pigment






Loguat Leaf



Cats claw












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Kawase Takara Foot care Sheet electively adsorb toxins from the body in one night while you sleep. the photographs below show the use of Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet where the sachet turns black, gray and brown.
Paste Wood Vinegar foot. Care Sheet to the soles of the feet before sleeping. Upon pasting, Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet's sachet is white in color. Leave on for 12 hours.

Before use, Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet sachet is white in color.

After a night's application, the sachet turns moist and changes color This indicates that Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet has helped absorb an amount of the body's toxins.

After use, the sachet turns black, gray and brown.


Every piece of Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet contained with high quality 'Ion Negative' and 'Far - Infrared'. Both ingredient has proven to improve blood circulation, pain relief, nerve adjusting, cell activation, relaxation of muscles, extension of soft tissues, subsequent improvement in flexibility and much more benefit that keeps us healthy in everyday respectively.

Ion Negative Detector indicates that each kawase takara foot care sheet contains a sum of 1440 unit of ion negative active in every cubic centimeter (CC)

Far - Infrared detector detects 641 speed of continuous passive motion (cpm) emanating on every Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet


This pictures shows the blood circulation in a body before using the wood vinegar foot care sheet


After 1 hour, you will find that blood circulation has improved.


After 3 hours, more blood circulation in the body. All the toxins adsorb in the sachet.


Blood circulation is getting smoother after 4 hours.


Kawase Takara Foot Patch are also efficient to place on back, knee, tummy, neck or other ache area.

Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet is a new profound physiotherapy that has helped many people with rheumatism, chronic knee-pain, gouts, swellings and some maladies involving internal organs. It has also helped remove toxins, alleviate pains in the body, improve blood circulation, arid even helped improve sleeping quality.




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Pain In The Knees Relieved, Healthier Digestive System. [ Nagata Sachiko, 74 from the Province of Shan Li ]

Instant Effects When Pasted On Affected Part

I was unable to squat down because of edema in my right knee and I had to use pain killers prescribed by my doctor. I also had to wear knee guards when walking.

I was recommended to paste the foot care sheet on my right knee and below my ankle. The next morning, I was surprised to find the foot care sheet completely wet. It was so wet that it looked as though it was going to penetrate the foot care sheet. Approximately 10 days later, the pain was slowly relieved and I was able to squat normally after one month.

I have personal knowledge of the powers of the sole plaster and from then on, I would paste the foot care sheet on painful parts when I felt pain.

As I constantly suffer from headache and dizziness, I paste the foot care sheet on my soles everyday and I wrap up the toes corresponding to the reflexive zone of the head and eyes. I also paste it on my palms.

When I suffer from migraine attacks or shoulder ache, I need only paste the foot care sheet on my forehead, my temples, on top of my head and on the shoulders for relief. As I often paste the foot care sheet on top of my head, I had specially made a soft hat out of my scarf! The sole plaster is also effective on hemorrhoids. Pasting it on the affected part for approximately 10 days would relieve pain and it no longer pose problems.

Periodontal problems, which causes swelling and pain in the gums, can be relieved by pasting the foot care sheet on the chin. My digestion is rather weak and I had to paste the foot care sheet on the stomach and the pubic bone for relief. Soft stools which I used to excrete has now become normal and healthy.

Each time before I leave the house, I will paste a foot care sheet on my stomach, otherwise I do not feel comfortable leaving the house. Now the foot care sheet has practically become my lucky amulet!

  • Significant result in relieving fatigue is achieve when the foot care sheet on the soles.
  • Effective for the relief of headache. Also good for the eyes by pasting it on the acupoints of the toes. It is more effective if the foot care sheet is wrapped around the toes.



Stable Blood Pressure Can Be Achieve Even With Medication For Hypertension. Headache Is Completely Relieved.
[ Yoshiko - 66 years/Housewife ]

Clamping The Forehead and Behind The Head With Hair Clips

The foot care sheet became thoroughly wet not long after the first use on the soles, while changes were observed after using 4-5 days on the head.

I contracted hypertension 10 years ago and my systolic pressure is more than 140mmHg and diastolic pressure more than 90mmHg (normal pressure is 130mmHg for systolic and 85mmHg for diastolic) and I was forced to take medication to lower my pressure.

After taking medication for a year, I began experiencing severe headache. It was then that I was introduced to the foot care sheet. Thanks to the sole plaster for 5 years later today, I have remained strong and healthy even without medication. I use the foot care sheet on the soles, forehead and behind the head. I clamp the forehead and behind the head with hair clips and slept with it. I have even allowed the sheet to stay on the whole day during the early stages of my treatment.

After using the sole plaster for a full 2 months, I need not take medication to relieve my headache and I do not feel uncomfortable. The headache and chest tightness which I have experienced were relieved and I began reducing the frequency of consuming my pressure reduction medication. I finally stop taking it completely 3 years ago, and even by doing so, I was able to maintain my systolic pressure below 130mmHg and diastolic pressure around 90mmHg.

Without health problems, I was able to travel freely lately.



Complications From Road Accident Have Disappeared And Limping Has Completely Healed.
[ Tanaka, 59/Businesswoman ]

Instant Relief Was Experienced When Pasted On Bruises


I was a very healthy person before I met with a road accident 12 years ago. After the accident, my head felt heavy because of wounds sustained. I had problems getting out of bed in the morning and I felt uncomfortable, requiring me to lie down and relax.

Although my son is helping out in managing my family foundry business now, only my husband and myself were working day and night then. I only managed to force myself to work had then by taking revitalizing drinks. After the accident, the left side of my body became less agile and I limped. My back too felt painful and I experienced cramps on my toes, aggravating my sufferings.

I think the loss of balance in both my legs is the cause of my falling down easily. I have thought that I will no longer be able to walk anymore.

I only began using the foot care sheet 4 years ago. I was then suffering from cramps in my toes that I thought I would give the sole plaster a try. I was surprised that my symptoms were relieved in just 15 minutes. I felt that it was effective and I began pasting the sheet behind the neck, on the shoulders, shoulder blades and on my back on the right side of my body where I experienced difficulties in movement.

When the symptoms were serious, I have changed the foot care sheet three times daily, in the morning, afternoon and at night and left it on the whole day. The pain which have been torturing me has disappeared gradually. For the past one year, I did not feel uncomfortable even when I forgot to put on the foot care sheet.

I have now filly recovered. I used to have 5 sessions of recuperate treatment weekly but it has now reduced to once. I am also able to wade in the swimming pool for 30 minutes. Thanks to the foot care sheet which has brought back my health.



Body Weight Reduced By 6kg, Waist By 9cm And Able To Wear Size 7!
[ Ryoko, 52/Businesswoman ]

Travel Sickness Can Be Prevented By Pasting It On The Chest

In avoiding travel sickness, pasted the foot care sheet on the chest. She said, "Even my parents who have past away like to use the foot care sheet. My mother's shoulder ache was relieved and the numbness in my father's fingers too improved."

The sole plaster is a gift of beauty and health, I have never thought that the foot care sheet would help me achieve the figure I used to have 30 years ago.

I pasted the foot care sheet on the toes and the soles and within half a year, my body weight had dropped to 53 kg from the original 59 kg, and my waist has reduced from 66 cm to 55 cm. My height is 152 cm.

When the fats index in my body dropped from 25 to 19, I was surprised that I was able to wear size 7 clothes and I could hardly believe my eyes.

At the same time, the skin on my soles has become soft as jelly-beans. Some people even say that they looked like baby's feet . No one would believe that prior to using the foot care sheet, my soles were hard and full of cracks.

For the sake of beauty, I paste a piece of foot care sheet on the lymphatic glands on my neck. When the weather turns cold, I would paste it on below my nose, on my chin and cheeks before bed. As I use to leave the foot care sheet on until no more waste matter is extracted, I would normally continue pasting for a week or so. I don't know if it was because of improvements in metabolism that my skin not only became more lustrous but I find it easier to put on cosmetics.
As I suffer from travel sickness, I cannot take the commuter train. I have tried putting on the foot care sheet on my chest 30 minutes before taking the train and I found that I no longer suffer from travel sickness. I have also suffered from severe pain, vomiting and diarrhea due to food poisoning. I pasted the foot care sheet on my soles and chest and the pain was relieved the next day.

My eldest daughter frequently used the foot care sheet during her pregnancy and when my grandchild was very healthy and active at birth, with minimum health problems. My second daughter is in secondary school and she had a medical checkup lately and was found to suffer from abnormalities in her thyroid glands. She pasted the foot care sheet on the thyroid glands and her condition has improved. My whole family likes the foot care sheet.
  • Toxins from within the body can be removed when pasted on the body.
  • There are many different types of "sole plaster" in the market. The one used by the 6 persons who has testified is the "Miracle Sheet" produced by Sanphan Jueki Sheet containing natural tree gum extracts (Wood acetic acid anilla).



Eyes Are No Longer Painful. Weakness Of Legs And Lack Of Energy Have Disappeared.
[ Michiko, 49 / Housewife ]

Good Sleep At Night And Better Physical Health


I don't know if it was because of menopause but in recent years, I suffered from fatigue. Both my legs always felt tired and I lack energy. I only used the foot care sheet because I thought it might just help to relieve fatigue in my legs.

I began by pasting the foot care sheet on my soles before bed. I was very surprised when I discovered that the foot care sheet became totally wet the next morning.

Perhaps this was due to the removal of toxins from my body. I felt more comfortable in my legs and my body and since then, I began using the foot care sheet everyday.

I have tried pasting the foot care sheet on the acupoint corresponding to the eyes on my toes. 1 had been short-sighted since my secondary school days and have been wearing contact lenses. My eyesight declined after the age of 40 and has dropped to below 0.1. My eyes constantly felt tired and in serious cases, I felt pain in my eye, just as though they were pricked by needles. It even affects my head.

Since I began using the foot care sheet, the pain in my eyes have disappeared without my knowledge and I do not feel tired easily. I feel happy everyday.

I continue to paste the foot care sheet on my soles and toes but no dirt as before flows out. I am a bit disappointed! (smile)
  • [I no longer suffer from headache or shoulder ache and I am able to have a good night's sleep. But whenever I don't use the foot care sheet, I always had a feeling that something is missing]



Edema Has Disappeared And I Lost 2kg. My Skin Has Become More Beautiful Without Pimples.
[ Yamada ,24 / College Student from Shizuoka ]

No Longer Laze In Bed In The Morning. Headache And Shoulder Ache Have Been Relieved

I began using the sole plaster in December last year. As I had to stand long hours for my part-time job, both my feet suffered from edema and massaging does not help. I was surprised that the sole plaster was able to relieve my problems. All I need is to paste the foot care sheet on my soles before bed and the edema will disappear the next morning.

Since I went to college this year, I began using the foot care sheet everyday. Perhaps it was because of the busy homework which required me to sit long hours at my study desk, my metabolism was affected, aggravating the edema, headache and shoulder ache I had been suffering from and tiring me out more easily.

I apply the foot care sheet before bed and I discovered that the foot care sheet which used to turn hard, had turned into a damp and sticky condition the next morning. It felt as though dirt from within the body had been removed from the body.

Since I began using the foot care sheet, I felt more comfortable and I do not laze in bed in the morning anymore. I need to sleep at least 8 hours everyday but my sleep has been shortened to 4 hours now and I do not feel muddled.

My edema had disappeared without my knowledge and I lost 2kg. Perhaps it is because my hip measurement has been reduced that I find my trousers loose.

I do not suffer from headache and shoulder ache as before and my skin on my face is more supple. In September last year, I suffered from herpes facial is due to pressure from examinations but they are now gone.




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Dr. Kawase Itsuko has, together with heads from six Japanese hospitals , combined clinical experiments on various ailments listed the following ailments as being capable of improvement and effectively treated by the foot care sheet.

Significant effects have been indicated for those suffering from edema, knee ache, backache, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, digestive problems, limping, headache, hypertension, slimming, improving quality of sleep, physical weakness, beautifying skin and circulatory problems.
According to Chinese medical principles, "Pain is caused by obstructions and clearance of obstructions relieves pain". The foot care sheet removes harmful toxins and waste matters from the detoxification zones on the soles during sleep while promoting better blood circulation. This is a way of improving health from the medical point of view.



Experts Comment on Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet

Dr. Honbe President of Honbe Hospital


Dr. Honbe has recommended "Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet" to one of his patients who was suffering from terminal lung cancer. At the time, the patient's abdomen and lung were already swollen and there was little hope for him. Indeed, the patient has passed away. That notwithstanding, before he died, the patient was thankful to Dr. Honbe for recommending Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet to him, as it has lessened his suffering.

There were also patients who could not bend their body due to rheumatism, or could not walk because of swollen legs, but were able to bend their hand and walk again after using Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet for a day.

Through the recommendation of Dr. Honbe, the President of Hospital Tai Wa started to recommend Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet to his patients, among his comment was that "Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is an effective antidote for patients suffering from heart disease, kidney problem and blood circulation problem. When Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is applied simultaneously with normal medication, better results can be attained"

Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is effective for bone aliment. Orthopedic Specialist, Dr Anto, has recommend Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet after finding it effective for enhancing blood circulation and for the easing of back pain and knee pain. According to him, those who suffer from difficulties in leg movement may also apply Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet while undergoing other treatment, as that will improve their conditions. Although Dr. Anto did not give a full explanation on Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet, he admitted the fact that it really works and is helpful in treating various diseases.

Eastern medical theory believes that the accumulate of toxins in human body would bring about diseases. As an effective detoxify, Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet absorbs the unwanted toxins form our blood. The liquid gathered is actually lymphatic fluid from the body. Getting rid of this fluid will not only regularize blood circulation but will also improve our immune system. Thus, it helps a patient enhance his self recovery capacity, so that the swelling and the pain will dissipate naturally. Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is thus an effective health care product.

Even though it might initially seem infective to people suffering from coldness, with a little bit of patience. it can gradually improve.

According to Dr. Honbe, all these made him believe that Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet not only works as a detoxifier but also helps rejuvenate body cells. Also, if it has both detoxifier and rejuvenate functions, the excretion of toxins from body becomes a lot more easier when it placed under one's sole. Once body's toxin reduced, blood circulation will improve.

Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet can be placed on the soles and other body parts simultaneously. In such case, the foot care sheet that is placed under the sole may not be dampened but the one placed on that body part instead may. This is because toxin is excreted directly from the affected area rather than through the sole. When this happens, the affected area will heal.

According to Dr, Honbe further, one has to be more patient when they are not seeing changes in Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet. They should continue using it until it starts functioning. This applies especially to people whose conditions are more serious or who have been undergoing medication for a long time.

Dr. Honbe also pointed that when Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet place under your sole becomes dryer, that shows that your body is detoxified. However, since toxin continues to intrude our system when we eat or drink, we should continue to use it. though less frequently, say once or twice a month, in order to achieve a constant state of detoxification. This is the secret of staying healthy.



The Detoxifier "Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet" as a pain killer and antidote for kidney problem

By the president of Honbe Hospital Dr, Honbe Katsuhiro

Believe in what you see

Today, "Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet" has become the in vogue and favoritehealth care product.

Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is made of acetic acid found in Beech trees, Sakura trees and Oak trees. It is refined, grind into powder and then put into packets by using modern technology. Placing Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet under your sole or points of pain gives better results as compared to using normal plasters. Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet detoxifies and drains the unwanted fluid out of the body, thereby easing pain and swell.

We initially recommended the patches to our patients due to its detoxification function. Does it really work? The answer if found in the color changes that occur in Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet.

Usually after using the patches for 3-4 hours, the powder in Kawase Takara will become dampened and muddy, and will change color from white to yellow, brown or darker colors, depending on the body condition's of each individual. This shows that the processed of detoxification. The darker the color, the more toxins is being was absorb and eliminated. After using it for a few times, you will find that your condition has improved. You will slowly notice that the patch will then become dryer and lighter in color and eventually nothing changes on the patch.

Patients can check on the progress of their condition by looking at the changes in Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet. Many has agree that this is a great encouragement in their struggles against diseases.

The Japanese magazine "An Xin" has published a number of reports on Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet". The reports make the magazines popular especially among patients suffering from rheumatism, pain in knees, gouts and swellings, The magazine has also been receiving postcards with such acknowledging titles as " subsidence of serious swell in leg", improved condition on kidney problem" and so on. All these confirm that Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is effective for diseases involving internal organs.

The effect of Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is not limited to relieving pains. We can confirm that wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet can improve the conditions of patients suffering from such illnesses as rheumatism, pain in knees, back pain, pain caused by cancer, asthma, skin diseases, coldness and so on. Place the patch under your sole for the whole night, and you will wake up fresh and energetic the next morning.

Eastern medical study holds the view that accumulation of toxins in human body will bring about diseases. The Very function of Kawase Takara is to act as detoxifier to excrete toxins from the human body. In eastern medical terminology, medical field too has started to take note of the natural detoxification method in the form of Dr. Gelson method - a well known natural therapy that uses coffee as a detoxifier.

The liquid found in Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet is actually the unwanted lymphatic fluid in blood. With the excretion of the unwanted lymphatic fluid, blood circulation becomes smoother. Blood circulation will improve once the silted up blood vessels were cleared. This enables smooth conveyance of nutrients to the body hence increasing the performance of the internal organs. This is how a natural treatment works. All in all, Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet has very high natural healing capability that can help to improve condition of patients suffering from various diseases.

Allow me to cite you a case of a patient who is suffering from kidney problem. His body was sos weak that he could not even walk properly. On the next day, after using Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet, the swellings on his legs were gone. Two weeks later, his condition had improved further and he could walk and talk clearly. The longer of medication has perhaps toxified his body such that the effect of foot care sheet was seen faster.



"Kawase Takara" Improves Sleeping Quality, Relieves Headaches, Giddiness and Shoulder Pain.


By the President of Enda Dental Hospital - Dr. Enda


Great Pain Caused By Coldness

Mastication is a factor that affects health, the joint that moves the chin joint is not functioning normally, chewing and biting become disordered and the whole body will lose its balance. What follows are headache, giddiness, back pain, menstrual problem as well as other physiological problems.

The disorder caused by mastication is known as Mastication related Disease (MRD).

MRD can be cured by correcting the chewing and biting habit and by improving on the balancing capacity of the body. Besides, the bone structure and the condition of body constitution are equally important factors.

Body constitution means the condition of flesh and blood. Certain people possess high moisture level in their flesh while some do not. Some people have good blood circulation while other might have thicker and sticker blood. Hence the seriousness of an illness varies according to differing body constitution. The treatment should be aimed at improving the body constitution may cause tooth decay, periodontal, and other illnesses.

As a dentist who emphasize on body constitution, I base my treatment on chinese medicine and the daily diet. When treating chin problem and periodontal, I always observe the whole body of the patient to find out the source of his sickness. This may prevent the same disease from recurring.

To improve the body constitution of my patients, I strongly recommended "Kawase Takara Foot Care Sheet" to them. It can excrete extra moisture from the body. It is hence well accepted by those suffering from excess in body moisture and coldness. According to these users, they feel energized after using it and would therefore continue to use in future.

In eastern medical study, coldness is caused by excess in-body moisture known as "moist body constitution". A person whose body constitution is of this type is prone to suffer from MRD, nerve and muscle pain, and arthritis. It is difficult to cure.

People who are under stress would usually get sleeping disorder. Eve when they are sleep they do not sleep well and this causes garnishing of teeth, which will in turn burden the chin, resulting in MRD.





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Dr. Kawase Itsuko's invention has benefited the world. Her effort not only shook up the Japanese medical circle but she was awarded the Best Invention and New Technology. by the son-in-law of the Japanese Emperor. This award is in recognition of her creative and scientific contribution to mankind and is the highest award in Japan. She has been recognized as the only recognized producer of foot care sheets in Japan.


Awarded the Best In Japan

Patented Invention in Japan And The United States of America

In addition, the Department of Patent Rights in Japan has issued patent certificate No. 3195318 and in the United States of America, the product has also been issued with patent certificate No. US6,420,624B1 dated 16th July 2002. This means that among the many foot care sheets in the market, the product of Dr. Kawase Itsuko is the most reliable. The detoxifying foot care sheets by Dr. Kawase Itsuko is the best product for those who wish to achieve good health.
The Kabushiki-Kai-sha established by Dr. Kawase ltsuko is located in Mount Fuji. She has appointed her eldest son, Akira Kawase to be in charge of this business. This successor to his mother's business has been working hard to improve the quality of products. With more than 10 years' experience in products from Kabushiki-Kai-sha, business is blooming.
The invention of Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet has created much excitement in Japan, receiving high recommendations from many people. Japan's leading health magazine, "An Xin , has also featured articles based on its usage by Japanese. One article featured the cleansing process and red blood cells. After one week of treatment, the subject showed significant signs toxins absorbed onto sachet .

Wood Vinegar Foot Care Sheet helps the body achieve its optimum state of wellness, by supporting improved blood circulation, increased metabolism, activated blood cells, enhanced quality sleep and the absorption of expelled bodily fluids.

Certificate of Appreciation to

Dr. Kawase Itsuko


(click to enlarge Image)


World genuis Convention Medal

Higashikuni Nomiya Award

Awarded by the son-in-law of the Japanese Emperor in recognition of her creative and scientific contribution to Japanese medicine

(click to enlarge Image)

US Patent

(click to enlarge Image)

Japan Patent

(click to enlarge Image)

Letter of Authorization from Kawase Akira to Tachisan Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd.

(click to enlarge Image)


For the Inquiries from Turkey please contact :

Ray Medikal & Kozmetik , Baglarbasi Mah. bagdat Cad. No : 429/7 Maltepe Istanbul

Tel : 0216 352 49 49

Mobile : 0545 352 49 49

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