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Active Herbal Energy Heatpack contains hi-tech negative-ion and far infra red materials together with unique herbs and cereals which quickly penetrates the skin and reaches the interior upon heating, to cleanse the blood and improve blood circulation.
This thermo-therapy which is without side effects, produces rapid results when applied to specific parts of the body.

Traditional Active Herbal Energy Heat Pack relieves backaches and shoulderaches while activating the meridian and it is specially effective on the tummy. The heat energy produced stimulated peristalsis of the digestive system, blood circulation, fat-burning and detoxification. Continuous use effectively slims down the body (Tummy, thighs, calves and arms).

The heat produced by the heat-pack relieves swelling and pain in joints while reducing fatigue. For those experiencing drunkenness and mentally tired, its application on the neck would immediately bring refreshing effects.

This product has been scientifically tested and its radiation of negative ions is at an average of 1000/cm3 while its far infra red rays are at an average of 400-500/CPM (cycles per minute).

Waist Heatpack

Traditional Active Herbal Energy Heat Pack : - contains herbal seeds, various heat producing herbs, bamboo charcoal and most importantly the cloth is printed with FIR (Far Infra Red) powder, whereby when heated in micro wave oven for one(1) minute or maximum one minute and ten (10) seconds will become a heat pack that when placed on the respective body parts, it can relief body ached, relief tiredness and also when placed on the waist-line, it can act as a slimming belt. It can also relieves stomach pain when placed on stomach and for after giving birth mothers, when placed on stomach areas, it will help relieves stomach pain and help stomach contractions after giving birth. For sportsman and athletics it helps to relief muscular ’s pain when placed on effected areas. For fatigue ’s placed on effected areas it will help eliminate body ’s tiredness and body ’s ached and also soothes the body areas. Traditional Active Herbal Energy Heat Pack in safe to use for all ages as an external application.

Pillow Heatpack

Shoulder Heatpack


  • Place the heat pack into the micro-wave oven and heat it up for 1 minute 10 seconds, or according to individual requirements.
  • Place the pack on the affected area (do not place on the head). It may be re-heated and re-used.



Step 1 : Shoulder Heatpack

Step 2 : Insert the heatpack into the cover

Step 3 : Until the heatpack is fully covered, fold up the cover head and its ready to use.



Step 1: Pillow Heatpack

Step 2: Insert the heatpack into the cover

Step 3: Until the heatpack is fully covered, fold up the cover head and its ready to use.



Step 1: Waist Heatpack (FIR cover & Heatpack)

Step 2: Insert the heatpack (total 3) into the FIR cover. One (1) waist heatpack can consist of 3 heatpack

Step 3: The waist heatpack is ready to use once the heatpacks were covered.


Shoulder Heatpack: height 4.7 inch 12cm x length 21.2 inch 54cm

Pillow Heatpack: height 6.4 inch 16.2cm x lenght 9.8" 25cm

Waist Heatpack: height 6 inch 15.2cm x lenght 45.5 inch 115.6cm

  • Only to be heated up using a micro-wave oven for not more than 1 minute 10 seconds.
  • Do not placed it on open wounds or ulcers.
  • Used on children only under adult supervision.
  • Fold the pack properly to avoid damage on the fabric or adhesive due to high temperatures.
  • Humid conditions may appear during initial use but they will subside with continuous use.
  • (important) Do not wash the heatpack and avoid contact with liquid form. Only the exterior cover may be washed.
  • Store in a cool dry place after use.
  • Do not soak in water.


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