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In front of New Millennium there is brand-new industry field, which is most spot- lighted, that is Far Infra Red Ray (FIR) Industry.

FIR is one of sunlight which is radiant, invisible and outermost rays of the sun and begins radiation at the absolute temperature 0°K (-273 °C)


There are seven belts of colors (rainbow colors) from violet to red in sunlight and ultraviolet light. the belt beyond violet rays, cause spot and freckles and has the effect of sterilization. The spectrum beyond the red belt is called Infra Red (IR). The part which is farther from the red is called FIR. The range of infrared wave lengths is from 0.7micron to 1000micron, ( 1micron = 1/1000mm) and FIR wave lengths ranges from 5.6 micron to 25 micron. Specially wave length range from 6 micron to 14 micron brings good effects to the human body and a living thing so we call it Grow-up Rays.



The existences of IR was discovered in 1800 by Sir William Herschel, a German physicist. As it was detected beyond red color regions of spectrum and named this ray as an Infrared Ray.

The main principles of FIR are Radiation, Deep penetration into our skin and Absorption of echo, which are never harmful to human body and stimulate water molecules of a living body and movement of cells so that i provides the effect of precociousness, preservation of freshness, water activation, air purification, deodorization, stimulation of growth, expanse of capillaries, facilitation of blood circulation, keeping warm and dryness.

In addition FIR helps inhibit malignant and cancer cells, improve and refresh water cell structure, better water penetration at cell membrane to increase calcium concentration, generate oxygen to cells and change acidic blood to alkaline in harmony with body.


The following are the major features of FIR:

  • Absorbed deeply into out skin and activate molecular motion of our body
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Extend capillary vessels
  • Adjust metabolism
  • Increase tissue regeneration
  • Clean away toxin and impurities
  • Alleviating pains
  • Protect against adult diseases

Good and effective for:

  • Stomach
  • Liver protection
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Rheumatism
  • Neuralgia
  • Beriberi

Japanese government approved Japanese FIR Association in 1994 and Korean government did Korean FIR Association in 1997 officially, Both government started to finance R&D of FIR and standardization procedures for FIR goods.

Some economist forecast in 2000 FIR market in Japan will be 30 trillion Yen. The merits of FIR business are the huge scale of the market ad any chances of business.


It is false assumption that the existence of life depends upon water and oxygen. Few creatures survive the extreme north and south of pole shows the importance of warmth from infrared rays to support live. But the amount of F.I.R. available for health is reduced as the sunlight reaches the earth because most are being absorbed by the ocean, concrete buildings and man-made objects.


F.I.R. was first discovered through spectroscopes by German scientist in 1800. Since then, many researchers from Italy, United States of America and Germany have found that it helps to promote health profoundly. Since 1980's researchers and experts from United State of America, Japan, Korea, and China have started to accumulate scientific proofs on the contribution of F.I.R. to human health. The physical characteristics of F.I.R. are invisible, linearity, refractivity; can be absorbed and produce warmth and harmonize with the natural life-force released by the human body to enhance resonance absorption; the ability to penetrate deep into the human body.


F.I.R. radiation is popular in Japan and Korea and recently numerous research paper on clinical experimentation and application of F.I.R. are published. In depth research by the Japanese expert has shown that F.I.R. radiation is similar to the average "qi" (8 micron) wavelength emitted during "qi gong" therapy which has been practiced by ancient Chinese since 3000 years ago. Co-operation between Japan's Chinese Medical Science Society President Mr. Mitsutane Sugi and Master Lin Housheng, a prominent "qi gong" exponents of China, have produced range of therapeutic device to perform psychosomatic treatment.

Disturbance "qi" (life-force) will disturb the normal body function illness. Therefore "qi" released from the palm of "qi gong" master is "qi" introduced from an external source to restore the body's function, Therefore by wearing F.I.R. products will help to produce warmth and increase the resonance absorption which is similar to "qi gong" therapy to restore health. According to Dr. Masao Nakamura from Japan, F.I.R. treatment is the best solution because it achieves the objective "treatment that caused the least pain to the patient".

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