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After many years of research, it was produced by a group of renowned Japanese scientists in Japan. In the early of 80's, the corporation mainly devotes to the research in plant essence extraction, development an formulation. The researches comprise of a group of experienced medical scientists, pharmacists and quality controllers.


Feel the burning sensation present slimming with New Formula - Volcano Spark Gel.




  • Comprises VBE essence, burns the skin in-depth fat. Specially aim at the stubborn nest bee organization.
  • Has cell reproductive property, restores the solidity of the muscles and slender figure.
  • Promotes in vivo secretion, cell reactivation, restore the exquisites of the skin
  • Improves the blood circulation and the cells metabolism.
  • Fast elimination of stomach fat.





  1. Feeling like a magma power inner your body!
  2. Surprising efficacy of a new ingredient (Vanilla Space).
  3. New Ingredient (Vanilla Spice) Secret a lipolysis hormone by supreme hot feeling efficacy lasting high performance of hot felling comparing a capsaicin.
  4. Success Mechanism of Body Slimmed Down By Volcano Spark Gel.


After cleansing, drip the skin thoroughly, apply a suitable amount of Volcano Spark Gel over the desired area such as upper arms, waist, hips, thigh and calve.
Use twice a day. Massage lightly in a circular motion until the gel had been absorbed into the skin, feel the warm sensation at the massaged area due to a fat burning effects.




Name: Teresa Chiong Sow Lai

Gender : Female

Age: 30 ( Mother of 1)

From: Kuala Lumpur


After my daughter was born, my body weight had gained about 10kg and had tummy at. I felt so depressed and lost self confidence. I tried other brands slimming products but it's useless. Until recently, I started applying Volcano. After 2 week of continuous application. my waist line had decreased 3 cm. I was so happy. Furthermore, my skin became smooth and supple. I have gained more confidence than before.

Cynthia Goh Sze Lain

Gender: Female

Age: 27 (Single)

From: Kuala Lumpur


I was an athlete when studying in school;. Thus built up solid muscle. When i Started working, I became fat because lack of exercise .Excess fat deposited in the upper arm and i looked older than my actual age. They even called me "Tarzan" and i was so sad. I had attended slimming course but it did not work. They said these stubborn fats are difficult to be removed. My friend introduced me to apply Volcano. After 1 week of using, I noticed that the measurement of my arm had reduced 1 cm. I was so happy I continued using for 2 months, my friend said i looked fit and prettier than before.


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