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Tiny particles (ion) charge with weak electricity are floating in the air. Among them, the one negative charged is called a negative ion, The one positively charged is called a positive ion.


An ion is a molecule or an electron with electrical charge, and an electron which from material consist of positive atomic nucleus and a negative electron, and is normally stable at neutral. When energy of an electromagnetic wave generated by personal computer, mobile phone, TV or a microwave oven, or exhaust gas is applied on an atom, the electron of negative ion will come out from the atom and the atom turns to positive ion. This positive ion breaks on balance and causes various influences on human body and soul. On the other hand, when the atom with electrical charge or atom group (including molecule) has additional one or several electrons, it turns to negative ion.


The negative ion that has excessive electron is in the situation to have high ability to distribute electron to other substance. This ability to distribute electron plays important role to health condition of organism or living environment around us. Important roll of electron is "oxidization" and "deoxidization". "Oxidization" means that electrons are given to a material. Oxidation of a body will be the case of "bad health / indisposition", disease and cancer. Oxidization is the phenomenon for iron to be rusted, for fish to go rotten, for flower to wither for skin to have spots or lines, for human to age. Conversely, "Deoxidization" means "Health / Comfort". Have you heard the term of "Free radical"? Free radical resides in the body and kills bacteria, molds, virus, and foreign body, however, it attack and hurt tissue of our body when at excessive existence. Negative ion controls oxidization of cells (deoxidization) and excessive generation of free radical fatal to cells by providing own electron to our body and free radical. To put it concretely, a negative ion electron (e-) takes over he roll of electron of lipid and protein and hydrogen, and stabilize free radical. It will be described as free radical OH+e->OH-


The negative ion which keeps ion balance of the body and controls oxidization and free radical has the function to purify blood, to activate metabolism, to promote resisting power, and increases natural power, When the negative ion medically gets into blood and activation of cells which form organism tissue become strong, metabolism to transfer an exchange electrolyte such as NA and waste separated by the diaphragm become active. This increases natural healing power and makes the action of autonomic nerve smooth This also provides good influence on body fluid, cells and nerves, and adjust unbalance of autonomic nerve and internal secretion function making the function of all organs and tissues smooth, and refreshes both body and soul.


Negative ion exists in various area. Negative ion in the city contains the smallest amount floating within the area and following up town, house estate, park, forest and lastly, waterfall.

When the balance of ion inside and outside cells fails decreasing negative ion, our body tends to get out of the balance of the body losing the balance of automatic nerve, and consequently to get the illness of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, anemia, allergic disease, and headache. Unfortunately, many places we are working are in the situation of excessive positive ion. In natural condition, the function to keep the balance of positive ion and negative ion is at work. However, we are living in the environment such as urban building or the place with heavy traffic being involved in plenty of artificial synthetic substance that is the source of positive ion.

Therefore, it is required to artificially supply negative ion to keep ideal environment. Taking negative into our body consequently recovers out cells to normal condition.


Negative ion has the function to purify blood. Changing acidified blood to weak alkali provides good function of endocrine gland as it activates metabolism and the function of each cell. It also provides goo effect on the central nervous system and peripheral nerve, and promotes blood formation function. That is, it brings good effect on body fluid, cells and nervous system, promotes the function of all organs and systems, and controls the balance of autonomic nerve and internal secretion. Accordingly, resisting power increases to enforce body protection function and the resisting power against infection will increase as well providing ideal balance of whole body and immunity against disease. In addition to these effects, negative ion has the effects on keeping freshness of perishables and flowers etc by its anti-oxidization deodorization, and antibacterial functions. In other words, negative ion is the vitamin in the air. In the age human being lived nature friendly life, the power of nature used to provide the cure, However, in current artificial environment, negative ion became essential for the recurrence to the nature which human being has forgotten. The mechanism to adapt to the nature is the one that has been cultivated ad created for long period of history. Nature and human body could not so easily change. In these drastic changing environment for the nature friendly living.

Negative Ion has the function to purify blood


Negative ion has relaxing effect as well. Only with generating negative ion in a living room or a kitchen, the air in the room is drastically activated. Family may voluntarily get together and enjoy their increasing conversation making peaceful atmosphere.


"Why not make your living kitchen the place of relaxation?"


Kitchen is the place equipped with many electric products and drastically much electromagnetic wave. As it is designed to prevent cooking odor to leak into the other room. it becomes the place filled with dirty air and stagnated moisture. To our surprise, the research by a certain scholar in the public health field reported that the smoke generated baking a saury in kitchen contains 30 times as much as that of tobacco includes. Housewife is obliged to stay in the kitchen for long time engaging in dairy work such as cooking and dishwashing etc. It is required for her to make use of negative ion for her health not only to prevent dirty air.


Entrance hall, the gateway to the house. Do you want to comfortably welcome your guest?


Entrance hall is the place where a guest or a person returned to home step in at first. How do you think if it is filled with odor from shoes left. With negative ion there, you can feel comfortable body and soul.


Test report of negative ion that provides relief an vitality.
The air in a living room can be drastically activated only with placing foliage plants, letting fragrance of aroma hang in the air, placing interior good to circulate water, or equipping with negative ion generator. There is an interesting test report. In 1982, professor Buckaroo and professor Ligit of Air Force Medical institute in Ohio divided 24 persons into 2 groups under the consideration that each 12 persons in each group to be of similar age, education level, health condition and smoking situation as one group for negative ion inhaling group to inhale negative ion for 6 hours and other as non-inhaling group to inhale ordinary air for 6 hours to examine the difference between them. The result is Though any difference was not observed by "Anxiety test method (Questionnaire test method develop in 1953 by Dr. Taylor in England to examine the appearance of anxiety,and it reflects temporary mental condition)", the person in the inhaling group answered to the mood questionnaire "feel relaxed" as a physiological sense, and "irritation", "depressed feeling" and "tense feeling" decrease and "feel relieved" or "feel vigorous"as a mental sense.

Current housing method has drastically changed from conventional method. Wooden house which has the mechanism to clean air gradually changed to reinforced western styled. Even a window frame of aluminum sash doesn't allow the air to ventilate. Furthermore, rooms are separated by the wall that contains chemical substances that bring bad influence to human body filling the room with harmful air. Chemical substance, dusts, ticks, molds, odor etc. are inclined to positive in. The people living in western styled Japanese house with low ceiling and narrow room especially carpeted, are considered living in dirty air.

To provide the place to exhibit creative power and ability. Negative ion does it. Topics of the death from overwork and a sudden death etc. have been reported. It is considered as the evil that the world of competition in which economy takes precedence has brought. Sufficient ability can't be exhibited by reckless work to ignore the dispensation of Nature. Human creativity and ability are automatically exhibited when appropriate environment is prepared. Negative ion helps to provide this environment. its useless to work in the environment contaminated with positive ion and smoke of tobacco being tormented by the sense of fatigue.

Contrary to it, the environment with plenty of negative ion provides fulfilling body and soul, and working in healthy environment provides good work with increased power of concentration Negative ion not only to make people healthy but also is the fundamental to further exhibition of ability and creative work.


Test report to show the relationship with working power.
This is reported by Dr. Srot in 1962. Dr. Srot measured flicker speed, simple visual power response time and finger tapping speed, and found that negative ion improved response ability or working ability in all of the rest, while positive ion decreased all contrary to the results of negative ion. In addition to this, difference of statistical significance was observed on each item excluding finger tapping speed. On examining the cause of this, it has concluded that oxygen exchange rate while breathing increases by negative ion causing this test result. It can be considered that the future growth of enterprises will be depend on how they can effectively utilize these environment factor, .e. negative ion. It is merely the air, but the quality of air influence much on human being.

Practical use of negative ion is natural-therapy for men of today. The energy provided by the nature heals tired human body. let' imagine the periphery of waterfall. Air bathing, i.e. breathing negative ionized air molecule lets negative ion soak into the bottom of lung, Skin is also the second respiratory organ. human being is able to breath not only with lung but also through skin as if penetrating the body. It may be a matter of course that we feel refreshed, A waterfall, that is, we can say that negative ion is "the great doctor" in the Nature. Isn't it a good idea to put negative ion to practical use considering it as "the great doctor" in those days of much techno-stress with PC, TV games and word processor?

Currently popular radon hot spring provides the effect of negative ion. Artificial radon hot spring is rapidly gaining popularity with the recognition that is has amazing effect on human health. It came from the success of the method for practical use to artificially generate sufficient negative ion with one of radiation called alpha ray. This accumulates negative ion increasing its density and bathers could enjoy healthy bathing absorbing it into their body.

Two years later since radiation has discovered in 1886,, radium has discovered by Mrs. Curie. Alpha rays, beta rays and gamma rays, especially alpha rays have special feature other radiation never has. Alpha rays have ten thousand times as strong power to ionize as gamma rays. With this strong power to ionize, alpha rays have unique characteristic to work on surrounding materials and let them to make various changes. Alpha rays are attractive existence having the possibility to be usefully applied in many aspects such as generating negative ion.

Wrapping up this issue, we reach to the conclusion that, in current excessive positive ion environment, we need negative ion. We often experience or after the thunder feeling in the forest or spa, around the waterfall, or after the thunder ha gone. These are the evidences that the soil on the earth, water stream, rain and discharge phenomenon are the source of negative ion and ion in the body has well balanced by staying in plenty of ion. Staying in closed room or urban area with much exhaust gas increases uncomfortable symptoms such as vertigo, nausea and irritation etc. caused by the air positively ionized. We fee bad and chronic disease such as arthralgia badly pains on rainy day, It is essential for the people living those modern age to have rich time to touch negative ion.

Negative ion exists in the forest, periphery of waterfall, grassland and seashore in plenty. Human being feels refreshed and relaxed touching o the nature. We often feel refreshed in the forest or hot spring, at the periphery of waterfall and after the thunder.Soil on the earth, stream of water rain, and electric discharge phenomenon such as thunder are the source of negative ion provides well balanced ion into the body. The water splash separated minutely in the air such as in the waterfall become positively charge (+) and surrounding air become negatively charged (-) by air ionizing phenomenon. When molecule group of steam is mechanically separated by strong wind, or by the outside energy such as discharge by thunder, sunbeam, heat, radiation (cosmic rays, radiation from the earth's surface), the air with negative ion is generated as in the waterfall. Periphery of waterfall, brooklet of mountain torrent, therapeutic walk in the forest, plateau area, airy place, nearby the fountain in the park, outdoor hot spring etc., these places with plenty of negative ion are refreshing and comfortable places. The place with negative ion is the source of health.

There are places on the earth that have large oxygen molecule and small oxygen molecule. The air in the forest, plateau and morning sea etc. is small air (negatively ionized air) which includes plenty of negative ion, and stimulates oxygen to get into blood. Not only in the natural world, there are the places with plenty of negative ion, and stimulates oxygen to get into blood.

Not only in the natural world, there are the places with plenty of negative ion in apartment house or building. The first is bathroom with shower. The second is water closet. The third is airy veranda. The reason why a bathroom with shower contains plenty of negative ion is that water splashes in it like waterfall generation minute water splash (water molecule). The air around this area is filled with negative ion. Using shower or flushing toilet also generates plenty of negative ion.

Everyone should have experienced to feel refreshed taking shower hen in tired condition. Flushing toilet brings similar effect. Lavatory may be suitable place for meditation. Planting the garden or quipping with fountain or spring water flow etc. provides ion rich living.



  • Shower: To shower far from the body receiving plenty of splash. Water in foggy state contents plenty of negative ion. Showering time should be within 5 minutes. Staying in narrow closed bathroom for long while is not effective as negative ion decreases by neutralization with water and vapor, and the room will be filled with positive ion.


  • Foliage Plant: Placing plant to absorb toxic substance and to clean air is recommended for the help to decrease positive ion. When a plant breezes, it generates clean oxygen. An electron is fond of oxygen very much. It combines with oxygen generating negative ion. It is the same reason as we feel fine in the forest.


  • Fountain: If there is a park with fountain around your office or home, you will feel fine taking lunch by the fountain then taking deep breath after lunch on fine day.


  • Public Bath: Public bath in which many people bathe together generates plenty of negative ion as many people splash water for water to be stimulated to generate negative ion.


  • Cleaning: To clean and ventilate diligently. Trash and dust tend to stick to positive ion and to keep it staying in the room. Cleaning in diligent way is recommended. The reason why the air i closed room become stable is because of less negative ion. It is better to keep in mind to open windows especially when get up in the morning.


  • Electric products: Equipping with increasing electric products is not recommended. However, modern living requires more electric products. Therefore, pay attention to place electric products putting together. Also keep in mind to pull out the plug when not necessary.


  • Wooden House: Conventional house made of natural wood, that's ideal.


Generation of negative ion in the air is affected by weather, chemical reaction of materials in the air, and environment, When the surface of the earth is warmed by the sunbeam, an up-current air generates. This stimulates electron in water molecule in the air to get out charging surrounding air negative. Therefore, on fine day with warm temperature and low humidity, we feel comfortable having plenty of negative ion. Conversely, when it is cold and wet, positive ions increase and we feel uncomfortable. In early morning when sun rises, the surfaces of the earth which is cold in the night begin to become warm by the sun with clean air with less exhaust gas from traffic and factories etc. Wind blow increases negative ion. Because when wind blows, air moves and water molecule in the air moves as well stimulating electron to get out one after another.



Human body consists of more than 60 trillion of cells. Oxidization of cell in our body is one of the causes of our disease. As described in chapter 2, negative ion is able to suppress oxidization, It means that negative ion in our body plays important roll to support our health. What effect does the supply of negative ion bring to human body in addition to the above?

All of organism consist of cells. Normal cell keeps electrical potential of positive on the outside and negative on the inside separated by cell membrane. Negative potential has always higher than positive making potential difference inside and outside cell, This activity of cell is call metabolism. Cell's active metabolism activates cells and organs and helps for organism to keep healthy condition.


However, metabolism is difficult to be smoothly operated in the condition of excessive positive ion (the condition electrical potential is positive high), and consequently the activity of cell become dull hastening its aging. This causes disorder of physiological function.

Shortage of negative ion causes autonomic ataxia, menopausal disorder, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, heart disease, cancer, allergic disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, lumbago and various viscera lesion. It also causes the symptoms of skin aging such as rough skin, spotted skin, fine wrinkles, and stress, and irritation, uneasiness, insomnia, vertigo, headache, instability, lowered power of concentration by insufficient oxygen supply to whole body.


1. Atopic dermatitis/ hay fever

Atopic dermatitis and hay fever are caused by leukotriens and histamine that cause inflammation massively produced. Incase of atopic dermatitis, scratching skin damages its surface and allows dead body of tick to stick to it getting the symptom worse causing inflammation and infectious disease, When these secondary infections occur, leukocytes get together to the infection site and bacteria, However, excessive free radical not only damages horny substance which protects skin and make it to be dry but also breaks sebaceous gland which composes ceramide necessary for horny substance, And further inflammation and oxidization will be going on. Then, when negative ion is applied directly on itchy part for 15 to 20 minutes, positive ion the surface of the skin is neutralized and free radical will be gone making feeling comfortable, Negative ion which prevents oxidization goes into blood through the surface of skin making body fluid weak alkaline and enforcing deoxidization ability. Negative ion will be the power to change vicious circle of atopy to good cycle.

2. Asthma

Asthma among modern people is caused by breathing dirty air filled with positive ion, As the result, it is considered that asthma is caused by the change of body to acid constitution or by blood vessel and bronchi to drastically contract. Therefore, it is important to obtain acid-fast power absorbing negative ion in the body keeping in mind to take healthy food and to live a health life. When a room is filled with negative ion, the air with positive ion will be purified. For example, absorbing sufficient negative into blood while sleeping decreases hydrogen ion which is the source to oxidize vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene that are oxidized in the body though they are the important nutrient, and helps to suppress free radical. Similarly, minerals in the blood and cells turn to have good condition. There is the example that asthma has completely healed with negative ion. Asthma prevention and treatment applying negative ion will be important theme for the future.


< Negative ion mini column>
We can also absorb negative ion thorough our skin

On a fine day, with window open, you can absorb negative ion in your body by sun-bathing with naked body (for one minutes wearing only shorts and wrapping body with a blanket and repeat this 10 to 20 times). Or to soak in outdoor bath neck-deep, then get out of the bath and cool off relaxing in the nature until your body becomes cool. Repeating this for about one hour, you can absorb negative ion rich body. This creates acid-fast enzyme effective to prevent inflammation. Outdoor bath is currently popular among young people, and unlike indoor bath, it has ion rich environment as vapor separates in foggy state providing comfortable feeling. In case of indoor bath, it will be filled with positive ion as temperature rises and you can't expect the above effect.

Principal effect which negative ion brings to the environment around us.

Simply saying, it will be the effect to keep the air clean and to create comfortable environment.

    1. Purification of contaminated air (toxic substance, radioactive substance).
    2. Decomposition of the smoke of tobacco and uncomfortable odor, and deodorization.
    3. Elimination of allergic substance such as pollen and dead body of tick.
    4. Air purification by plant growth promotion.
    5. Elimination of electrical charge and dust

Principal effect which negative ion brings to human body.

Simply saying, it can be considered that negative ion show the effect"to promote health" and positive ion shows the effect "to decline health"

    1. Purification and alkalization of blood.
    2. Suppression of oxidation of cell tissue of organisms
    3. Activation of the cell of organisms and promotion of metabolism.
    4. Anti-inflammation effect
    5. Increasing of immunity power.
    6. Promotion on blood circulation.
    7. Function to adjust autonomic nerve.
    8. Fatigue recovery and enforcing the power of concentration.
    9. Normalization of pulse and blood pressure.
    10. Effects for comfortable sleep, easing stress, and to provide relaxation.

It is considered that it is desirable that negative ions are applied to human body in proper quantity. These issues became the topics among scientific society, books and NHK broadcast etc. and the study will be going on.

Toxic chemical substances in the air, food and water, even if in very small quantity, spoil our cells and cause disorder of our immunity system and are creating new modern diseases or reserve troops for them unawares. The room condition with contaminated air, green house effect by air conditioning, condensation, reproduction of bacteria, is called "Domestic animalized phenomenon" and show the symptom of a disease through incipient stage of symptom of general malaise witch has no specific symptom. As these are not diseases by unified cause of symptom, it is difficult and complicate work to find out the cause of these modern diseases. Therefore, health care including prevention medicine is required , Negative ion has outstanding effect on the function of living body activating the tissue of human body for this purpose.

With Negative Ion Miracle Sheet, you can easily enjoy the effect of negative ion by simply applying it to the bottom of your feet.


The effects generally told are as follows:
    1. Blood purifying effect
    2. Tranquilizing effect
    3. Autonomic nerve adjusting effect
    4. Immunity reinforcing effect
    5. Lung function reinforcing effect
    6. Pain relieving effect
    7. Cell activation effect (Skin refreshing effect promoting metabolism)
    8. Air purification effect
  • Blood purifying effect
  • Healthy blood is weak alkaline. Positive ion makes blood pathological acid and makes the cause of all kinds of disease. A negative ion neutralizes acid blood and changes it to healthy weak alkaline blood. A negative ion develops health and will be the best prevention against adult diseases, cancer and allergic diseases etc.

  • Tranquilizing effect
  • A negative ion help to calm down and activates beta endorphin which amplifies the happiness. Intra cerebral beta endorphin is also called "The hormone of happiness" and effect on tranquilization, Feeling of happiness promotes immunity and provides the power to overcome disease. One to reinforce the mind in the words of "Disease come from ill mind" is negative ion.

  • Autonomic nerve adjustment function

Countless symptoms such as insomnia, headache, poor circulation and hothead, menopausal disorder, low body temperature, stiff shoulders, lumbago, chronic fatigue etc. can be considered to be caused by positive ion. A negative ion improve body to healthy state keeping balance of autonomic nerve. Keep brain cold and limbs cold.

  • Immunity reinforcing effect ( Intestines and liver reinforcing effect)

Immunity is managed mainly by intestines and liver. Intestines and liver of modern people are weakened by stress. Let's enjoy healthy life reinforcing intestines and liver by negative ion. A negative will bring healthy intestines and liver.

  • Lung function reinforcing effect

People who catch cold or have pneumonia are increasing. The cause of this phenomenon is people's breathing positive ion. This means the air is contaminated. A negative ion improves oxygen exchange rate promoting discharge of carbonic acid (CO2) gas with improved lung function. When oxygen exchange is performed smoothly in the lung, cold and pneumonia will be heal. Function of intestines and lever will be also improved. Diminished appetite, diarrhea and constipation will get well also. Chinese medicine also proves that lung and intestines and lever have close relationship.

  • Pain relieving effect

    On the cold day with low atmospheric pressure, people with chronic articular rheumatism tend to visit hospital strongly complaining of pains on knees, shoulders and low back. This is also caused by positive in the air. Applying negative ion to these patients recovers ion balance in the body relieving the pain. Future aging society will increasingly require negative ion. We hope to live the life with no pain.

  • Cell activation effect

    Inside and outside of cell are filled with ion having plenty of positive ion on the outside and plenty of negative ion on the inside. When a cell performs metabolism, these positive ion and negative ion participate to it. This function of ion is called "electrical potential for life to be active" and, especially activity electrical potential for heart cell to be active can be indicated on electrocardiogram. When a cell goes from static state to dynamic state, positive ion and negative ion change places each other. This situation is called depolarization and is considered important as negative ion plays leading roll.

  • Air purification effect

    Everywhere in modern society is filled with toxic positive ion such as minute particles of smoke of tobacco, house dust and excrement of tick etc, and minute toxic substances in the air by environmental pollution. These are the source id asthma, atopic dermatitis and hay fever etc. We wish to keep our home at least to be the place of ease and relaxation. A negative ion neutralized and purifies the air clinging to contaminated positive ion in the air. Our room will change to relaxing place with clean and fresh air.



About Negative Ion
Q: Does negative ion originally exist on the earth?

A: Yes. Every material consists of ion and negative ion and positive ion original exist in the rate of 2:1 on the earth, more negative ion than positive ion. However, recently, this ratio has thrown into disorder by many electric instrument and contamination of the air making more positive ion especially in urban area.

Q: Is the affect higher with more negative ion?
A: No. It is necessary to keep the balance between negative ion and positive ion, Excessive existence of negative ion causes the situation like bathing tiredness, The most effective quantity of negative ion for health of human being will be approximately 800 - 1500 ions/cc according to our Ion Tester, EB-12A, also it depends on health condition of people . For example, who is suffering from pain by bone trouble needs 2,000 - 3,000 ion/cc.
Q: How we can generate negative ion?

A: Generation mechanism can be divided in to three types.

  • Lenard effect - Plenty of negative ion will generate when water diffuses into small molecule striking to rock etc
  • Electrical generation - Thunder or corona discharge. These electrically generate negative ion,
  • Radiation of very small amount - Negative ion in the spa area. Radiation of very small amount generate negative ion reacting to water molecule in the air.
Q: Doesn't negative ion once generated disappear?
A: It disappears reacting to positive ion. It is said that generally, the density decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance.
Q: Is there any device to generate negative ion all the time in the state of rest and normal temperature?
A: Electrical generator or minute radiation source ceramic.
Q: Is it possible to visually see the generation of negative ion?
A: No. It is not possible. Measurement is available with measuring instrument. Generation from natural mineral or ceramic can be easily measured with EB-12A. Ion in the air con be measured with air ion in the air can be measured with air ion meter.


For More Application of Negative Ion
Q: How we can create comfortable environment like a therapeutic walk in the forest?
A: By applying phytoncide which the sap in the forest generates, we can promote ion movement like in the forest. The material which plants secrete to drive insects away and to protect themselves is phytoncide. It is gradually clarified that its constituents kill bacteria and molds which cause disease, and ease fatigue and stress when touched to our body.
Q: How we can sufficiently breathe negative ion that is vitamin the air and to get younger?
A: The solution will be to fill the air with negative ion. We developed mini-sized negative ion generator by corona discharge applying the principle of thunder by corona discharge applying the principle of thunder. It doesn't generate ozone that is generated as by-product by conventional products. (Ozone is not good for human body as it promotes oxidation i.e. aging.) You can enjoy the effect of negative ion in hospitals, hotels, and other various places for your health, for the elimination of static electricity, and for antibacterial and deodorizing purposes etc. without anxiety
Q: How is the effect Negative ion for using foot care sheet?
A: The bottom of foot is the place where the reflection area from whole body and a lot of sensitive energy points concentrate and heavily affect on the body flow as it is called second heart, so negative ion are easily moved into the body and activate the cells, moreover, the equation of negative ion to make excessive active oxygen harmless.


About Positive Ion
Q: How human body is influenced when with excessive positive ion?
A: The phenomenon of blood is oxidized, cells absorb nutrients, and hard excretion of waste will occur. This causes bad metabolism, declined physiology function and modern diseases such as stress and irritation etc. When positive ion increases, the tissues such as autonomic nerve declines causing chronic diseases such as "Somehow do not feel well." , "Feel heavy in the head" or "Feel Irritated". It is gradually clarified by recent research that inclined ion balance is one of the causes of skin disease and internal disease such as general malaise and allergic disease.
Q: Where are the place with plenty of positive ion?

A: They are the crossing with much traffic and the building with many electric instrument, :-

  • Urban area with contaminated air by the exhaust gas from vehicles and factories.
  • The place with office automation or electric instrument.
  • The place of much smoke of tobacco
  • Marshy areas
  • Closed bathroom etc. will meet the question. Generally, modern society tends to decrease negative ion and increase positive ion.
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