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The Structure and application image of Ikki Essence Water Gel

Ikki Essence Water Gel a facial & skin product that made in Japan, helps to smoothed on keratin-free clean skin. The extremely fine micro capsule powder contained in this milky white gel will burst and transformed into transparent liquid form.

Ikki Essence Water Gel came with large (65ml) and regular (30ml) bottle.

Pamper your skin,with actively stimulating essence water gel moisturizer. An all in one beauty gel which works as a toner, lotion, cream, moisturizer and foundation base simultaneously. The effect of essence water gel moisturizer will penetrate deep into your skin, to protect against moisture lost. After application, it will be quickly absorbed, leaving the skin velvety soft and smooth without any unpleasant greasy after feel. Suitable to be used as a foundation base.

Most ideal of the face and also area suffering from dryness, including the neck, hand, arm and any other part of the body.

Ikki Facial & Skin Essence Water Gel Moisturizer also contain whitening essence which act as a whitening enhancer for your skin. For optimum result, it is recommend to use after cleansing, bath or before going outdoor, be it day or night or before nighttime.


Large Bottle 65ml

Regular Bottle 30ml


Active Ingredients in Essence Water Gel


Sodium Hyaluronan

High water & moisture- retention power. Contain ingredient that helps to enhance skin elasticity.

Fermented Soy Extract

Enzymatic rice bran, soy peptides and natto extract. Water-retention/ deoxidization. Contain polysaccharides, amino acids etc. that effectively improve moisture-retention power while promote metabolism and SOD like activity in individual skin.

Pueraria Root Extract

Natural herbs extract taken from Purerin ( Pueraria root). Rich in polysaccharides and amino acids, functioning as isoflavone derivative and saponin. Expected to have whitening effect. Effective for cleansing and moisture-retention.

Aloe Vera Extract

To retain moisture, heal wounds, prevent skin dryness, promote cell multiplication, heal burns, promote Collagen formation, anti-inflammatory, immune revitalization, anti infraction etc.

Chlorella Extract

Moisture-retention, whitening, nourishing ( cell revitalization & moisture- retention effect), effective in activating cell's function.



Denatured Alcohol
Olive Oil
Vitamin A Oil
Sodium Hyaluronan
Ascorbyl Tetra-hexydecy
Dimethicone Polyacry Cross Polymer
Sodium Chllorde




  1. During application, ensure finger or any part that comes into contact with product is clean.
  2. Do not rub or rinse eye.
  3. Not to be applied over wounds and swelling or eczema skin.
  4. Stop using if the following symptoms occurs. Continuous usage might cause irritation to turn worse. Consultation from physician is most recommended. e.g. If redness swelling, itchiness or irritation occurs after used. If symptoms as stated occurred when exposing to direct sunlight after used.
  5. All squeeze out portion, do not restore back into container. This is to avoid deterioration and contamination.
  6. Once used, do not store product for long period before re-use
  7. Keep cap tightly closed after each usage.
  8. Keep out of reach of children
  9. Store in a cool dry place or out of direct sunlight and places with extremely high o low temperature
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