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Fuwari Shoe insole is combine with human physics and special healthcare treatment in one of modern technology product.

It is capable to bear a tonne of weight and specifically designed to stand and sustain heavy weight pressure, which benefits to people who needs to stand in long term or who walks often can enjoy with comfortable and lightweight without tiredness.

The internal Fluid inside Fuwari Shoe Insole is made of ingredient from Himalayan Mountain salt rock, Ion negative and far-Infrared materials. It can produce energy to our organ reflexive via our foot palm to promote blood circulation, improve acidic physique, enhance metabolic, and upgrade immunity.



The comparison determination value of salt ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)


Natural Himalayan Mountain Rock Salt (-) 500 , Natural Salt (-) 250
Oxidation Reduction Potential Negative
1) Increase physical strength 3) Maintain young
2) Maintain healthy life 4) Beautify smooth skin



Ordinary Salt (+) 250 - (+) 500
Oxidation Reduction Potential Positive
1) May caused fatigue 3) Increase aging
2) Easy to fall ill 4) Beauty obstacle


The function and benefit of Fuwari shoe insole :
prevent or anti-bacterial, remove smelly odor, moisturizer control, blood purification, improve tiredness and stabilize mood. Walking is no more an annoyance but enjoyment. It makes you feel easy and relax on every step.

Far Infrared Detector indicating approximately 376 cpm emanating on Fuwari Shoe Insole

Ion Tester detected an amount of 1097 unit Ion Negative on every cubic centimeter appear on Fuwari Shoe Insole

Fuwari shoe insole produce approximately between 200 - 400 cpm in every minute and 1000 unit - 1100 unit of ion negative on each cubic centimeter(cc).


Benefit of Ion Negative and Far-Infrared on Fuwari Shoe Insole


- With the effects of Ion Negative and Far-Infrared, it will constantly keep both of our feet warm

- The anti-bacterial function of Ion Negative will always keep us fresh and healthy everyday.

- The efficiency of Ion Negative will help us reduce our foot tiredness


With unique processing technique of natural Ion Negative formula added in Fuwari Shoe Insole, it's effective bring freshness and helps eliminate odor to both our feet and inner shoe.


The epoch thin design (0.2mm) thickness of Fuwari Shoe Insole will not affect and occupied the space in our inner shoe, It will not cause any pressure and narrowing between our foot and space inside inner shoe, at the same moment the shoe insole also came with universal size which suitable at various size to our shoes.


How to use:


  • Cut the top edge to adjust the insole match your shoe size.
  • Insert the sole inside your shoe. Make sure the cotton is face on top while liquid is face bottom.
  • Use clean water to wash on the top surface and wait till it dry before re-use.
  • It is to advise that the effects of the insole may fade once used. We recommend to refresh on every six months.



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